Just My Luck!

The small cuts of meat section at our local supermarket. Most of what you see is the section for beef. Problem is that we do not eat beef except on very rare occasions and then only New York Strip steaks or filet mignon. The […]

An Another Awesome Meal

Time for grilling more planked chilpolte lime salmon. Served with balsamic glazed asparagus and stuffed mushrooms with a bottle of homemade wine that I make especially for my wife. I have just as much fun designing the wine labels as I do making the […]

What Are The Odds

Notice something unusual about this photo? Compare the bottom left corner of this image with the one above. What are the odds I would take that first photo just as the package fell off the shelf? Or that the one that fell off the […]

Why We Resist Change

Ever since we returned to the states I have been doing the grocery shopping. Given the thousands of items in the store it is hard enough trying to find everything on the shopping list without having to contend with the additional hordes of “Winter […]