Winemaking Equipment

Two pieces of equipment that make like easier for the home winemaker, a bottle tree and floor corker. We bottle 200 plus bottles a year and the floor corker is worth its proverbial weight in gold. On the days we bottle it takes about […]

Bagging Our Own Wine

Just finished bagging a batch of Island Mist Coconut Yuzu that my wife loves. We ended up with three 3 liter bags, two five liter bag and two 1.5 liter bottles from the kit. We always leave the bags on the floor for a […]

Comfort Food

A tortilla, lean smoked turkey lunchmeat, sautéed sweet onions, quesadilla cheese and spicy mustard, all grilled to perfection. My wife is trying to use up as much food in the refrigerator as she can. It has literally been decades since we had this, but […]

Home Winery

On the bottom is where the wine making equipment is kept. Shelf 1 has wine that is aging in bottles. The top shelf is where empty wine bottles and bag in box containers are stored. As you can see I use recycled bottles from […]

Wine Making

Had two batches of wine aging in the secondary while we traveled this summer. Running six gallons of Shiraz through the filter prior to bottling. Sterilizing the bottles with a sodium metabisulfite solution prior to bottling. The next two batches fermenting in the primary. […]