Mango Margaritas

I had always preferred the traditional lime margarita, but that changed when we spent time in Mexico last fall. My wife had a mango margarita at the suggestion of a waiter. It took a couple of more visits to restaurants before she convinced me […]

A Wee Bit of Wee Beastie

I can hear it now. How can you drink 5 year old Scotch? If it is Wee Beastie, “With Great Satisfaction” I answer. One person’s Nectar of the Gods is another’s hog slop, and so be it. To me boiled turnips aren’t fit for […]

Wine as a Hobby

In the past five years I have bottled over a thousand bottles of homemade wine The above is a short video of a batch during primary fermenting. What you see on the top of the must is a layer of Zante Raisins which I […]