C-Day -10 (Cruise-Day Minus 10)

A 128 Day Grand World Voyage

In 10 days we will be embarking of one of those events that a person is likely to readily recall for the rest of their life, a 128 day cruise around the world. Since we first signed up for it some 10 plus months ago, hours beyond counting have gone into planning. preparing, revising and rerevising our plans and preparations for what has become a nearly all consuming undertaking.

As the days count down towards the ship departing Fort Lauderdale, Florida to begin the voyage I plan to post about some our preparations for the trip which will include, hopefully, some of the why’s, how’s and what’s.

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  1. Wow! That is some trip! I hate to think of the cost – WAAAAY beyond my means in any case! – but I wish you a safe journey and memories that last a lifetime! Enjoy.

    On a broader note, I’m afraid cruising is my idea of the Holiday From Hell. As an introvert, basically shy and not good at even the smallest cocktail party, the idea of being confined in a relatively small space, no matter how luxurious, for perhaps days at a time, with hundreds (or thousands….) of complete strangers makes me break out into a cold sweat….. But, hey, each to his own: I’m sure I’m in a small minority.

    I hope you have a great journey and a safe return. And your blog will no doubt be hugely enjoyable!

  2. “some of the why’s, how’s and what’s.” so in ten months you didn’t have time to find out that’s NOT how you form the plural. one why. several whys. one how. several hows. etc.

    1. In my nearly eight decades of Life I have found many people who never attempt anything because they know they can never be perfect at it. I am not one of them. I feel sorry for you for all you have missed in your life in search of perfection.

  3. Quite a trip! Forget the “whys”, I’d like to get to know the “hows” and all the “whats” related to such an adventure!
    Looking forward for updates on this, wish you have a great time!


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