Tweaking This Blog

Watching YouTube videos like this have made me realize there is no good reason why my Vivaldi Blog should have large images. Smaller images are just as viewable and they load much faster. I try to keep the images I post here between 150 and 400 kB even if I don’t always succeed. My photo editor of choice is Affinity Photo which I’ve used for a number of years.

At Last, I’ve Finally Written and Published a Book

Like many people, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Here it is, a story written especially for my grandson Justin. Professional, it is not, but the sense of pride I have from having been able to do this especially for him is far beyond any sense of accomplishment I’ve ever had.

Birds of a Feather Really Do Flock Together

I like to do the grocery shopping early in the morning, especially during the three months when the ‘Winter Texans” have their annual Rio Grand Valley migration and our local HEB grocery store becomes packed by mid morning. It always amazes my how there can be hundreds and hundreds of grackles perched on the electric wires around this intersection. This time I finally had enough time to take out my phone a get a photo of a small portion of them.

More Than Just a Light Trim

While I was busy with the new planting beds, the wife was busy giving the backyard shrubs a trim.

My thoughts were to give the white sage a trim all over to keeps its shape.

Obviously her idea of what to do in regards to how to trim it was vastly different from mine. Only if I would have trimmed it when we first talked about some time ago, but I didn’t, so I’ll just bite my tongue and hop to it next time.

Backyard Improvements – V

Unfortunately there was a bit of a problem with how she wanted the raised beds positioned. There was no water outlet for the 4 foot bed in the center.

Problem solved. Dig a trench, install pipe and problem is solved. I always wait a day when installing the pvc irrigation pipe to allow the pipe cement to fully set. Better safe than sorry.