London – Our Favourite Funny Play

October 1, 2022 Another play day enjoying one of our favorites, this being the fourth time we have seen it over the years.

We both agreed, this was far too much chocolate to start the day. Just call us the jittery twosome.

Typically we seldom plan ahead as to when or often even what we are going to do in the days ahead. Sometimes we discover things too good to pass up, so now next Saturday and Sunday mornings are booked up.

You never know what you will find on the streets of London.

The first time we saw this play was almost 10 years ago with the original cast.

The curtains are open showing the set before when you are admitted to the theater. I got to talking to an Australian couple sitting beside us when we first sat down, then later after the theater was filling remembered to take this photo. As it has been every time we have seen it, it was a full house.

Selfie at The Play That Goes Wrong. I showed the photo to the girl sitting behind us and teased her she didn’t smile.

Part of the fun of going to the theater is interacting with the people around us.

London – But Watching Ian

September 30, 2022 With rain forecast this afternoon and evening in London and with Ian having wreaked havoc to Florida we opted to stay at the apartment and watch what was happening regarding Ian on YouTube as we have both have cousins who live in the path it was taking.

A quick trip up to Sainsbury”s again this morning.

Shredded chicken. What might be on the menu?

It’s been over a month since we last had a chicken quesadilla, that is no longer the case. Once again I forgot to take a photo until was already eating.

It was three years and two weeks ago that I bought this Roman ring while in London.

After having worn it constantly since then the patina has been worn to reveal much of the bronze underneath. It is one of my most prized possessions because of the connection to the past. My most prized possession is the ring next to it which I have worn everyday for over 54 years.

London – Theater Time

September 29, 2022 We took it easy today, grocery shopping, a play and relaxing in the evening.

The advantage of renting the apartment is we no longer have to eat all our meals at restaurants. The best of the lot ended up being the grated Mature British Cheese. We like extra sharp or even sharper cheese. It falls into the extra sharp category, yum!

Linda brought her favorite coffee from France, but there was a problem. The apartment only has a water kettle. And for coffee there is something she never drinks, instant coffee. A cheap £8 French press solved that problem.

Highlight of the day. Only a block from our apartment, half price tickets, dead center six rows from the stage.

Our traditional theater selfie.

Linda’s traditional theater Gin & Tonic.

As always, no photos of the play, but this is the stage as we were leaving.

Several schools were in attendance. It was heartwarming how the kids sitting with their parents near us were all so into the play.

Which one of the three is she?

In the evening we relaxed while watching one of favorite British shows on YouTube.

Avignon to London

September 28, 2022 A travel day when things went right for once. In fact they went so right, it was too right in one case.

We helped the French wine industry during our stay in Avignon.

There was a French railway strike called for today, but it was scheduled to start at 7 p.m. and by then we would be in London.

No jam packed trains today.

At the train station for the Marseille airport. Makes it very handy for commuters to pick up their Amazon packages on the way home. Makes me think about that saying regarding building a better mousetrap.

Easy to know where the bust to the airport terminals stops at the train station.

We had read the bus was free, but not so.

All these things going just right added up to a small problem. But this was the solution.

The counter was where you checked in or checked your baggage for the British Airways flight we were taking. Since we had so many problems with our previous travel days we built in a cushion of time in case we had to take a slower, or a later train. When everything went perfectly we ended up being at the airport 2 1/2 hours before the check in counter opened. This was BA’s only flight of the day from the airport so no chance of checking in earlier. That was why the table in the previous photo was where we hung out for that time and where this photo was taken from.

Neither one us ever got the hang off these multi-purpose faucet/hand dryers in the airport restrooms.

My attempt to take a candid photo of Linda and I on the plane didn’t work out very well as a masked lady photobombed it, lol.

We even arrived at Heathrow on schedule, but a medical emergency about 10 rows behind us had everyone remaining in their seats until the paramedics arrived and gave the all clear to disembark. Clearing customs was breeze as they had the same automatic passport control machines as in the states. It was still along wait for luggage, but we were soon on the Piccadilly line heading toward Holborn station. Even though we traveling just before 5 o’clock, the train was only standing room for a few stops and getting on where the train originated, we had good seats the whole way.

Our apartment, one large combo living, dining and kitchen room. A bedroom and separate bathroom was just what we needed for our two week stay.

The cabinets hid the clothes washer, dishwasher and refrigerator.

A nice big table.

Welcoming gifts.

The bedroom was only slightly smaller the size of rooms we have usually had at the Travelodge across the street.

I have to admit it wasn’t nearly as refreshing as I would have liked.

With all the pubs packed with office workers we opted to walked the couple of blocks to Sainsbury’s and buy both our dinner and fixings for breakfast tomorrow morning. It was interesting how on a day when everything went right we were still both dog tired at the end of the day.

Avignon – Around the Old Town

September 27, 2022 A photos only post from various locations around Avignon.