Summer Travel Statistics and Final Post

Nights out143
Number of RV Parks or Campgrounds45
Number of nights Moochdocking (Driveway stays)2
Shortest length of stay (nights)1
Longest length of stay (nights)8
Lowest nightly fee$0
Highest nightly fee$100
Number of states visited15
Number of counties (US and Canada)2
Miles driven in the RV8052
Gallons of diesel fuel599.3
Lowest price per gallon for diesel2.96
Highest price per gallon for diesel4.99
Miles driven in the Jeep Cherokee2553
Gallons of gasoline100.8
Lowest price per gallon for gasoline2.94
Highest price per gallon for gasoline4.31

I had promised to post these statistics a long time ago. At least better late than never. And just in case you have wondered just how expensive it is to drive an RV, Sophie averaged 14.4 miles to the gallon for the trip and the total cost of diesel was $2373.16. It just goes to prove the saying: If you have to ask how much it costs to drive an RV, you probably can’t afford to own one.

Obviously this is my last post of 2023, but not so obvious is this is the last post as a Vivaldi blog. I’ve been blogging much of the time since 2005, writing my own html for many years, and also using Blogger several times. Due to the problems with the images posting darker on this site than my originals, I’m going back to Blogger once again because of all the photos that will be posted during our around the world cruise. If you would like to follow along on our cruise the link to the new blog is here. You can click on the blue word “here” at the end of the previous sentence or copy and paste this url


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