We buy uncooked flour tortillas and cook them ourselves. It is very easy and they taste so much better the already cooked ones they sell in the stores. The exception is when we can buy them fresh cooked at a tortilleria. Appearance, texture and […]


Our convection oven in Sophie may be small, but sizing a pizza to fit two of them on that small oven rack add adding a salad makes for a excellent meal. It is one of the reasons we were able to downsize from a […]

An Awesome Canadian Dessert

While recently visiting some dear Canadian friends we were treated more than once to one of the most awesome desserts we have ever had, genuine full cream Canadian real vanilla ice cream and Nanaimo Bars. Don’t know what a Nanaimo Bar is? The search […]

A Product For Every Need

Many a parent has likely faced this at one time or another, a child who won’t eat bread with the crust on. Into the consumer society where both parents work and there is little time do all that needs to be done, comes the […]

Pig Pen BBQ

An awesome BBQ joint in Dripping Springs, Texas From the outside it sure doesn’t look like much, and it wasn’t all that easy to find the door. Our experience is that those BBQ places that have spiffy new buildings are places we eat at […]