A Sunday Stroll in Avignon

Today we joined many of the residents of Avignon and took a stroll around the area near our apartment. The air was so fresh and clean after yesterday’s rains, that we were out longer than we realized exploring the streets when something looked interesting. We let the tourists visit the Pope’s Palace, etc. and the hordes of people that are there. We like Life in the slow lane, even to to point of getting lost at times.

As the saying goes, one should always take time to stop and smell the roses, even if they aren’t roses.

One of those intriguing “no plaque no description” sculptures.

a little visited section of the ramparts.

A spout for the water to run off, but where is the gargoyle?

a different view of one of the many structures of this design that are regularly placed on the ramparts.

Something different ahead.

One of the gates in the ramparts. View from the city side looking out.

View from outside the ramparts city looking through the gate toward the city.

Plaque regarding the gate, when it was built, then rebuilt and the different names for it through the centuries.

Looks like some reinforcement likely added when it was rebuilt in 1865.

Wandering through a residential area we came upon this grand tree lined street.

Parking meters are everywhere in Avignon it seems.

Easy to pay but hard to figure out how to use. My guess is you put in your license plate number. We simply do not live or travel where such things are used.

Not all the buildings in this area were old.

But on the fence surrounding the lot right next to that modern apartment building was this sign.

An on the lot was this building undergoing restoration. If I understood the sign correctly, it was built in the early 1920′ as a hotel, during the war it served as a hospital, then after the war was converted into apartments and is now being fully restored to its former glory still as apartments.

Flags galore on this building.

And now we know why. It is the neighborhood police station.

I would be remiss if I didn’t post at least one food photo. And as usual, it was only after I had taken the first bite of my cookie that I thought to take it. Irrespective of that, ice cream and a cookie is a great way to end the day.


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