A $40 a Night RV (Caravan) Park

There was gravel and dirt with a small small piece of artificial turf (likely from the local high school football field when new artificial turf was installed) at the last RV park we stayed at. This park has grass and space galore. The jar on the concrete is solar tea. A quart jar filled with water, tea bags and sun is all it takes. She buys loose tea and tea bags, then she fills the tea bags with just the right amount of tea to let the sun do its thing resulting in perfectly smooth, delicious tea.

long site

No comparison to the last RV park we stayed at. Large pull thru sites, multiple locations for showers and laundries, however the wifi is TengoInternet which we have had at other parks and it seems is never all that good. Luckily we have our own internet and it works very well. The real downside to this park? It is some 20 miles from what we do when we are in this area. Price and value are certainly two different things when it comes to RV parks.


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