Tunisia – Cats and Ruins

October 27, 2022 Trying to post the missing days.

Linda’s expression says how she was feeling today, but look what was waiting patiently behind her.

These two cats ended up eating more of Linda’s food than she did.

How you know you aren’t in Kansas.

Cat at a rest stop.

About every fourth jump it would touch the object of its desires. Never could time the photo to catch the touch.

Life in one of the villages we passed through as seen from the bus window.

Water is life.

More Roman ruins was on the day’s agenda. Linda has a thing for mosaics.

The tiles in the wall mosaics are small compared to ones in the floors.

Walking in the footsteps of the Romans an the streets they walked on.

Mosaics on the walls of a pool.

Temples of the Roman Capitoline Triad of Gods. Jupiter in the center, Minerva on the left and Juno on the right.

She always likes to touch the roman ruins. Though by this time she was getting very tired.

Some places beg a photo. This was one of them.

What can I say, I have really enjoyed the salads during our time in Tunisia.

One thing we noticed in Tunisia, and it might simply be the time of the year, but there were very few flowers to be seen.

This section of road had dried peppers hanging like this about every 500 feet next tot he road.

Our hotel room, little did know it would our place of isolation a day from now as the group moved on, and we spent 3 days and four nights, never leaving the room during that time.

Gate to the Medina in Kairouan where we were staying.

Camel powered well pump that was constructed in the 970’s. And no, it is not the original camel that walks in the circle today to pump water.

Rugs are a big seller.

Whether true of not, we were told it takes a month to create a rug on the loom like this.

Looking at all those rugs and constantly refusing all those best deal anywhere offers if I would buy one here, was hard work, so a brief period rest was in order when the salesman left.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry that you guys contracted COVID. I hope that you are able to enjoy the rest of your time abroad.

    Jaca Hussey

  2. With Bob lounging on the rugs it made me think of the Moroccan restaurant we went to years ago & sat on the pillowed floor.


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