Sète, France – Day 3

September 20, 2022 Another gorgeous day on the Mediterranean coast. We just can’t get over how the Mediterranean is, so today we ventured out on it, taking one of the tourist cruise boats.

Each morning I walk down the street a short distance to by each of us a freshly baked Pain au Chocolat. This morning the shopkeeper recognized me when I stopped in, As for the delectable morning treats, they may be the best we have ever had during our various times in France.

Interestingly enough, we have yet to buy a baguette while in Sète.

Sometimes you just want to step back from all the butter and sauces of those fabulous French restaurant meals and have something simple.

So we put the kitchen in our apartment to good use and had a simple meal with plenty of vegetables sans sauce.

Someone photo bombed my selfie I took aboard the boat.

I think sometimes Capt. Jeff need this sign on our Canal boat, lol.

Hard at work.

Could it be called triple cleaning?

A large jellyfish near the boat.

A harbor cruise boat.

Where there is water there are fishermen.

The shore was rocky.

The water is so intensely blue.


The farther from the harbor break wall we traveled, the choppier the water became.

Too far away to tell the state of dress or undress.

One of several ships we could see farther out on the water.

The first fishing boat of the afternoon returning to port with its catch.

Maybe a beacon ship?

The second ship to return to port with its cath. All the narration on the boat was in French but sometimes we could get a sense of what was being said.

The arrows show the building our apartment is in and the alleyway we take to get down to the promenade along the canal.

Our boat, and with that our last full day in Sète (which is pronounced ‘set” comes to a close.


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