Two More Try’s at a Breakfast Burrito Photo

Label me stubborn, or maybe just an incompetent photographer who doesn’t know when to stop. Actually I think this is my best breakfast burrito photo to date. Getting the lighting right is very difficult, especially taking photos inside an RV early in the morning.

I think the composition is better on this one. I also tried for a different style of lighting. I just wish the sour cream was as white as it looked I guess it is time to start watching YouTube videos on how to photograph food. Maybe shining a bright led light on it would help? In the future I will try to limit the number of Breakfast Burrito posts to no more than one a month.

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  1. Good job! It looks like you might have the lights on in the room. If you look at the bottom edge of the plate, the color of light is different than light on the table. You only want the photography lights on if all the bulbs you have on are not the same color temperature. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Next time I may try taking the plate outdoors for the photo, as the lights inside are a mix of led and old type bulbs.


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