This is Really Really Not a Good Thing


I can’t believe I didn’t connect the condensate tray outlet to the drain hose when I reassembled the air conditioner. It took a while but eventually there was water dripping from the bottom of the unit. When I removed the cover this is what we saw. I know at one time when I was reassembling the unit I had the outlet and the hose joined. I guess they weren’t locked in place and separated when I was trying to get the condensate tray to snap into place.

Fastened together

Image taken after reassembly, but before placing the cover back on. This time there was no leak. One of the YouTube videos had the comment that the more times you disassemble and reassemble the unit the easier it gets. I can absolutely verify the veracity of that statement. I probably took more time taking photos and video than it took to do the disassembly and reassembly.


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