Help Rob! There’s a Snake in There!


She doesn’t like snakes, or better put, she’s very, very scared of snakes. That’s due to the walk-in basement in the house she lived in growing up. It had very low ceiling beams with the water pipes attached to them. Their home canned goods were kept down there and it was her job to get them for her mother. Snakes would lay on the water pipes for some reason, thus her deeply imprinted fear of snakes.


The “she” featured above is my wife. Then it was my job to clean out the shelf and discover it was just the shed skin of a snake, or actually two snake skins since there were two tail pieces, There was also evidence a mouse or rat had started to build a nest . I tell her snakes other than rattlers are okay as they eat those rodents. She says no snake is a good snake, end of discussion.

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  1. Get a snake fence. End of snake issue and end of discussion. Rodents outside perimeter will still be taken care of and she is free of those pesky snakes.


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