“Give Me a Sassparilla.”


I remember those cowboy movies and TV shows from the 50s and 60s when the above line would sometimes be heard. Writing this post I learned that while it was seemingly pronounced “Sassparilla” it is really spelled Sarsaparilla. Those words might also have something to do with the sign posted on the door of a beer cooler in a store in a little west Texas town. In 1863 Texas banned the sale of alcohol on Sunday’s. Guess those TV shows and movies never showed anything happening on Sunday, or maybe all those outlaws and ruffians only drank Sassparilla on that day. The laws were changed over the years, and today there are what is known as local option elections that allow voters to control alcohol sales in municipalities, justice of the peace precincts and counties. However, the no sales before 10 AM on Sunday is a statewide law. I guess they take going to church sober very seriously in Texas. The things you’d never know if you didn’t read this blog.


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