Canal du Midi – Bram to Carcassonne

Sep. 5, 2022 – A much easier day today even though we traveled a greater distance than yesterday. The reason being – There were only six locks today, and three of them were very close together. After yesterday we needed an easy day!!

Not so many locks, but plenty of beautiful 300 and 400 year old bridges
Very little traffic on the canal so there were some fresh hands at the wheel
The lockkeepers have been very helpful
Life is good
Getting ready as the boat approaches a lock
Strange sights above the canal
The lock wall is composed of sandstone blocks
A small section of canal with plane trees
It’s a vacation at less than 8 kilometers per hour
Carcassonne is around the bend

The canal as it enters Carcassonne is through a deep cut. Originally the city fathers did not want the canal to pass through the city so it was routed around it. Once the city fathers realized the economic impact they were losing out on, this huge cut was made and the canal rerouted through town.

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