Canal du Midi – Castelnaudry to Bram

Since it is our first day on the canal, this post will be an overview of what we saw and did. Sep 4, 2022

Morning at the boat basin
On our way
Goodbye Castelnaudry
Our first lock
Exiting the lock
Tied off in a lock
Everyone uses the charts to know what is next
Canal view
We went through 18 locks today
Lunch on the canal, too windy to eat outside
Lights tell when to enter a lock
Jeff reviewing what the afternoon will bring
Each lock (ecluse) has a sign
The water really pours into the locks
Automatic lock, one person gets off the boat and follows the directions
Blue button, enter lock, green button lower water level, then exit
We heard “Duck Your Heads” over and over
Many of the huge plane trees have died and were cut down
The huge trees would hang over the canal and shade it
Happy Hour begins in Bram
Jeff had the helm through all the locks, a very tiring job, but with great thanks from all of us
Sunset on the canal


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