Tunisia – Out from the Sahara

October 25, 2022 Only one night in the Sahara, then two nights without the internet.

Sahara sunrise images.

Breakfast was simple.

Posing in front of our tent.

Tracks where something crawled across the sand last night.

One thing which is always present during the day are flies.

Another bumpy ride out across the dunes.

A road across the sand.

The oil company maintains these roads.

A paved road in the desert, again, thanks to the oil company.

Today was the day to ride the camels.

A foot designed for walking in the sand.

Hands across the desert.

Everyone got to ride.

Some larger dunes.

Museum of life in the desert. This one was displaying wedding dresses.

The sexes are strictly divided, the men on the right, the women who do all the work are on the left.

The fabrics they weave are course but the designs are intricate.

Another design.

Fuel stop near a town market. Buy fuel cheaply in Libya sell it for a high price in Tunisa.

A cobbler near the market.

A true craftsman.

The cobbler’s motorbike. He said he bought new some 45 years ago and the the only two things he would never depart with were this motorbike and his wife.

This spicy dip has been served at many of our meals.

At the end of the meal is a small cup of hot mint tea.

Hot water comes out of the ground and goes through the cooling tower in the background.

Further cooling the water.

And still more troughs to further cool the water.

Tunisia has a salt lake.

Anything to get the tourists to stop and hopefully spend some money.

A city of bricks.

By decree a certain amount of every structure must be built from brinks.

Inside an oasis.

We stayed in this raised bungalow in the oasis.

The deck where we ate breakfast each morning.

These dates were hanging right beside the deck.

The interior.

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  1. Your travelogue is a treasure. Thank you so much for documenting the days. Fred and I went to Israel 2 times, ten days each. The second time, we also got to go to Jordan. It was an unforgettable experience each time.
    Your pictures are so descriptive and beautiful..Loved that you both got to ride a camel.
    Be safe, get well soon. Love,
    Norma Parsons Thorn and Fred, too

    1. The reason for this trip was so I could visit two places on my must visit list, Marrakech and Petra. Oh well, maybe some other time.


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