Never a Dull Moment

When you live as close to the border with Mexico as we do, scenes like this are not all that unusual as border crossers are always passing through our community on their quest to get as far north as quickly as possible. What is […]

My Turn, My Turn!

Our pergola is very nice unless it isn’t. The isn’t is the fact that algae grows on it. A certain member of our family doesn’t like it, especially when we have friends up for happy hour. It really isn’t all that hard to clean […]

A Miserable Week

For the past 10 days it has been like this almost every day. There is that old saying, “It isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity”. 91° F (33° C) temperature with a heat index of 107° F (42° C) has meant that I couldn’t […]

Wine as a Hobby

In the past five years I have bottled over a thousand bottles of homemade wine The above is a short video of a batch during primary fermenting. What you see on the top of the must is a layer of Zante Raisins which I […]