Making Life a Little Easier

She was a happy girl at Christmas when she opened a present to learn it was a new sheet for the bed in the 5th wheel. Actually, she had discovered it online and ordered it for herself for me to give to her. She knows how to get the exact present’s she wants.

What made this sheet different was the zipper that made for easy removal of the top of the sheet for it to be washed while the sides stayed on the bed. Due to the confined nature of our bed, RV’s can be small you know, it is very hard to remove and replace a normal sheet, especially with our super thick mattress. Now it is a simple zip and it is off followed by a zip and it is back on. Easy-peasy. And she actually did it for me as I was the one who would put the sheet back on the bed after it was washed. Did I ever luck out in meeting her on that blind date.


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