A Lazy Sunday in Sète, France

We are not the type of people that when they travel schedule every minute being tourists scurrying from one thing to another. Today we did as many others in Sète seem to do, walking along the the canals, visiting the jetty, and savoring the delightful food from the sea.

Making the apartment home for a few days. It is not “clutter”, it is having our things out where they are easy to get to.

We are also back to eating like we usually do. A light breakfast, a meal in the late afternoon and a small snack in the early evening.

Closeup of a trawler along the canal. Fishing is an important part of the economy in Sète.

Marina with cruise ships in the background.

Over the horizon is Africa.

It is a long way out the jetty to the lighthouse and the surface is definitely uneven.

A forest of masts.

A small beach tucked into the corner of the jetty.

Once back at our apartment I went online and the significance of this plaque on the side of the jetty. Here is a link to an article in English that explains more about it.

Colors are real. We are so glad we decided to walk all the way out here.

One of the few signs that also had a brief description in English.

Beautiful model posing in front of the sign.

Old man resting in front of the sign.

I thought it made for an interesting photo.

Reflecting on today’s reflection.

Everything a fishing boat needs.

Bins full of nets.

Interesting how fine the nets are.

My wife spied these two jellyfish right beside the dock we were standing on.

We watch for ten minutes or more as the slowly moved around with the unique motion they have.

We estimated the larger one was a foot across.

The two stages of a boats life.

The walkway we took coming back from the lighthouse.

Our meal was a specialty of Sète.

What is a meal in France without wine? Ms. White or Rosé got to pick the wine.

The dish was way, way beyond delicious.

I used the last of the baguette to wipe my plate, it was that good. There is a story behind how we ordered this dish. We saw a sign in front of the restaurant saying today’s special was paella. That worked well for my wife as she is very hesitant to order anything she doesn’t know what it is. Unfortunately they were out of paella when it came time to order, but the server, who spoke French pointed to the dish we ordered and indicated it was very good. When the dish was placed on the table in front of my wife and she saw the cuttlefish tentacles I was sure what was going to happen. All was well in the end when picked them out, put them on my plate. Remarking how good the food was, she added she wouldn’t have ordered it if she knew what it was, but was glad she didn’t because it was so delicious.

An interesting olive tree.

Note to self: Traiteur means takeaway food, not sit down restaurant. You can easily guess how I learned the meaning of the word.


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