Canal du Midi – Carcassonne to Trèbes

September 7, 2022 A short travel day on the canal to Trèbes. The bad part was I had Moules et Frites for dinner and didn’t take a photo, not good as that was one of the foods I had really been waiting for.

This is why we are on the canal again, 10 years after our first trip on it.

In a boat basin waiting for the lock to open.

Very, very low bridges today

When the word “duck” rings out it does not mean to look for a bird on the water. With the older bridges arch shaped, when you are at the sides it can be very low that you must go.

Through another one with head still on neck.

We sure have pretty deckhands onboard our boat.

We stopped along the canal, drove stakes into the bank and tied up, then put up the canopy and ate lunch. It is Life in the slow lane.

A dead plane tree waiting to be cut down.

They are working had to cut and burn the dead and dying trees, then plant new trees to return the canal to tree lined glory.

A well maintained bike trail followed canal today and it was well used.

A drive-up laundromat in the parking lot of supermarket we walked to. It was 1.4 kilometers each way and the two grocery bags I carried back with wine, cheese and fruits in them seemed to get heavier with each step, though once a wine bottle was opened, the pain quickly went away.


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