Labeling Our Bottles of Homemade Wine

I design the labels for our wine, print them on our color laser printer using waterproof paper and attach them to the filled bottles.

This type of glue stick works great if the entire back of the label is covered with glue.

A form I built to hold the bottles when applying the labels. It will securely hold 375 ml, 705 ml and 1.5 L bottles.

A 750 ml bottle in the form. The rubber band can be adjusted depending upon the size of the bottle. And no, it is not to hold the bottle in place. It is easy to place and remove with its purpose being to align the top of the label for each bottle in the exact same place each time.

The whole process is actually very easy. The labels are placed back side up on the sheet of paper so that the glue does not get on the countertop. It is important to make sure the edges of the label are well covered with glue. The labels are applied to the bottle using the rubber band as the top guide and the edge of the form as the side guide. After removing the rubber band the bottle is lifted out of the form and the label firmly pressed into place. This process works very well for me and I have labeled many hundreds of bottles and have never had a label come loose, yet when reusing the bottles the labels can very easily be removed.


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