Stafford Air and Space Museum


This is a fabulous museum just off I-40 west on Oklahoma City in the town of Weatherford. We were here last year and enjoyed it so much we planned our travels so we could visit it again this year. Lt. Gen. Thomas Stafford was a native of Weatherford. He was one of the most famous astronauts of all time, but he was much more that that. While the museum has many mementos of his life, the museum is much, much more and is on the cusp of becoming the second best Air and Space museum on the USA. It really should be a must stop for anyone who grew up during the space race or is interested in aircraft or space.

moon rock

A moon rock. Stafford never set foot on the moon, but he was in the lunar lander that descended to within 50,000 feet of the moon and paved the way for the next Apollo mission that saw Armstrong and Collins set foot on the moon.

wind tunnel

It all started with the Wright Brothers. Their wind tunnel incorporated a galvanized wash tube, but it led to the development of the first ever flight at kitty Hawk, N.C.


What could it be?

Mig 21

It’s the cockpit of a MIG 21.


Given the chance to be a kid again, how can anyone pass it up. If your travels take you anywhere near Weatherford, Oklahoma you would do well to stop at the Stafford Air and Space Museum.


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