Sophie Gets Borg Valve Stems

Old rear

When we were at Quartzsite in January at the LTV gathering we learned about a much better way to make checking the air pressure and adding tire monitor sending units to the tires on MB Sprinter units which is the chassis Sophie is built on. This is the outside rear dual wheel. Even though there are two wheels, only one valve stem is visible. The one showing comes from the inside tire. The outside wheel valve stem points inward toward the inside wheel making it almost impossible to get to. Also the long unsupported stem from the inside wheel can apparently develop problems when a tire monitor is attached to it.

front old

The stem on the front tire. It is short enough that some folks do not replace them with the Borg stems while others do.

Borg stems

The Borg stems are made for the specific wheels on the Sprinter chassis. Sophie has six Alcoa aluminum wheels so the set we bought was specific to those wheels.

Tires are removed for the installation. Both what we learned at Quartzsite and read on the various LTV and Sprinter groups pointed towards making sure a good tire shop did the installation. Since we were going to be passing near the Fort Worth area during our summer travels, and with both Borg and group posts saying Briscoe Tire in Denton was experienced in installing these stems we decided to stop in and have them do the installation. As luck would have it, there was also a RV park just a mile and a half from their shop making everything much easier.

front new

Front stem being installed.

rear new

The rear stems installed and the tires remounted. The bottom stem is from the inside wheel and is mounted with a stabilizer that fits in the handhole, meaning no wobble when the tire monitoring unit is installed.. The top stem comes from this outside wheel.


Closeup of the outside stem. It is “U” shaped making for easy access to add air if needed and also to mount the tire monitoring unit. Now we can mount our tire monitors making us both feel safer during our travels.


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