Mineral Wells Fossil Park Day 2


Back to the fossil park again. We arrived shortly after the gates opened at 8 AM and as before, we were the only ones there. We have read reviews of the fossil park where people complain about how hot it is. If people come later in the day it will be hot, this early in the morning it is merely uncomfortably warm.


Today we will be concentrating on searching for what is seen in this and the following two photos.


We thought we found several of these echinoid plates the other day, maybe we will be more successful today.

shark tooth

The ultimate find.


The requisite flower photo.

Where to search

The focus today was on small fossils. The best place to find them is where the water flow slows significantly and smaller material would be deposited. The farther out the water runs, the slower it goes. Anytime it encounters vegetation the same thing happens. The arrows point to two places where significant finds were made.


My finds for the day. To the left of the dime is ??? Could it be a shark tooth? The size, the form and weight suggest it certainly might be a shark tooth.

Identification of finds

As you can tell from the size of the finds compared to the dime, today was all about finding the small, smaller and smallest fossils. Clockwise the finds are Red: echinoid plate. Yellow: crinoid pentagon section. Green: tiny Brachiopod. Blue: crinoid spines. Literally hundreds of fossils were handled with only these being collected. What an awesome morning collecting fossils.


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