Pig Pen BBQ

An awesome BBQ joint in Dripping Springs, Texas


From the outside it sure doesn’t look like much, and it wasn’t all that easy to find the door. Our experience is that those BBQ places that have spiffy new buildings are places we eat at only once. Pig Pen BBQ actually started life as a food truck that grew so popular they had to acquire a building.

Interior view
sheet metal
Much of the décor is reclaimed sheet metal
Dr Pepper

Everybody has her or his vice. Mine issues forth from the bright red dispenser. I simply have to have Dr. Pepper with my BBQ and it sure isn’t that diet stuff.

pork and beans
She had a pork sandwich with charro beans
pork and corn

I opted for a pork sandwich with a side of corn casserole. (The jalapeno was from her charro beans). Think chewy corn, finely diced tomatoes? and a cream sauce with some other ingredients that I couldn’t begin to guess what they were, all of which that made for the best corn dish outside of my wife’s scalloped corn that I have tasted. And we both agreed the huge mound of pork inside the bun was as good as it gets. It was so good neither one of us added any extra BBQ sauce to it. Next time we are in Dripping Springs we will be back here. Gotta try some of their other meats you know.


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