Fitzhugh Brewery


A change of pace today. The weather has been Texas summer hot, with today being no exception. My wife is not much of a beer drinker, but she likes to say she really enjoys a cold strong dark beer on a really hot day. None of that Bud Light crap for her. Years ago we spent a day on a beer tasting tour in the Czech Republic. In the group was a fellow from Texas that wanted to try some foreign beers as he put it. Later when we were all talking about our experiences with the different Czech beers he said none them were any good. When someone asked him why, he said none of them were real beers because none of them tasted like Bud or Bud Light. Needless to say, everyone in the group laughed at him behind his back after that.


She who plans where we go had picked this brewery from the many in the Dripping Springs area because of what the photo shows, beer on tap. Looking through the large windows behind the bar we could see the brewing area. There was plenty of seating inside, a large patio outside and beyond the patio was a tree covered slope where all types of kids play ground equipment and picnic tables were located.

A pint for me, a half pint for she. It is Fitzhugh’s Prairie Fire Red. We both really liked it, though with the drive back to the RV park, one glass each was enough. Below is Fitzhugh’s description:

4.8% ABV 18 IBUS
The Irish Red ale is often considered a gateway beer into craft brewing. Balanced and drinkable, this beer has moderate malt character, pleasant light hoppiness and is made more special with the addition of 50lbs of potatoes in the grist to lend an earthiness and depth of flavor.


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