Desert Door Sotol Distillery


Alcohol can be made from many things, At Desert Door they make it from the desert plant called sotol.


What a difference a day makes. Dipping Springs in just west of Austin, and it being a beautiful Saturday, the crowds were out in abundance.

The part of the sotol plant that is fermented to make the namesake alcohol. One plant makes one bottle.

drinks menu

The menu. All they serve are drinks, but here is food truck on site if one wants food.

Our libations. The three on the right are the tasting flight I ordered. Hers is the fancy dancy one on the left. From right to left they are: Desert Door Original Texas Sotol, Desert Door Oak-Aged Texas Sotol, Desert Door Gold Dust Oak-Aged Texas Sotol and a River Rita cocktail. I thought the original was actually pretty good, but the Gold Dust was really outstanding. At first she thought the River Rita was too much on the sour side, but as the ice melted it improved to the point she thought it was very, very good. We would rate Desert Door as a very good “stumble upon”, something we seem to have happen often in our travels.


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