Adding a Solar Switch to Sophie

Solar panels

The four solar panels on Sophie’s roof mean that any time the sun is shining power is being sent to the new lithium house batteries. There was a detailed post on the LTV RV Enthusiasts Facebook group about how to install a solar cutoff switch. It sounded like a good idea, so after ordering and receiving a few parts from Amazon, it was time to do the install.

Solar panels covered

Before installing the switch it was necessary to make sure the all power was off. Step one was to cover the solar panels so they wouldn’t generate any power, which was followed by disconnecting the negative cable on the lithium house batteries.

test hole

The installation required drilling a hole in the a thin panel with a step bit, something I had never used before and I could just see myself drilling too big of a hole with it. In my workshop I found a similar piece of paneling and drilled a test hole. It was far easier than I thought it would be to drill the correct size hole.

panel with switch installed

The back side of the panel with the switch installed. Next is was a simple matter of wiring in the switch. (Unfortunately I was so caught up in how easy the whole installation was I forgot to take a photo of it.)

Completed installation

The panel with the new switch reinstalled. The hardest part of the whole install was reaching back into this little compartment to take out and later replace the six small screws that held the panel in place.


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