A Wee Bit of Wee Beastie

I can hear it now. How can you drink 5 year old Scotch? If it is Wee Beastie, “With Great Satisfaction” I answer. One person’s Nectar of the Gods is another’s hog slop, and so be it. To me boiled turnips aren’t fit for man or beast, yet my significant other absolutely loves them. If we like something it is good, if we don’t maybe some else will like it. Their are legions of Scotch drinkers who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a 5 year old Scotch. Thank goodness for them, it means it is more than likely there will be a few bottles of Wee Beastie on the store shelf for me.

To quote from the Ardbeg Wee Beastie webpage: “[T}he rawest, smokiest Ardbeg ever . . . sappy pine resin and a sharp tang of smoke . . . explosive mouthfeel bursts forth with . . . creosote and tar.” That’s my kind of Scotch. Your preference may differ.


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