The Gin in Gin and Tonic

Many years ago I introduced my wife to pleasures of a G&T. To say she has become a connoisseur of that simple yet complex drink is a major understatement. Some 10 years ago during a weeklong stay in Stockholm I laughed to myself as she taught a bartender how to make a G&T her way. Every night for a week we visited that bar at 5 o’clock and I once watched him tell another bartender how she liked her G&T when he was busy with a customer and couldn’t make hers. She’s always on the lookout for the perfect gin to go with her Fever Tree Tonic Water. Right now she is enjoying this Texas gin of all things. I often tease that her “taster” is off, but this time I admit she has stumbled on an excellent gin for G&T’s made her way, the secret of which I will not divulge.


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