How Not to Take a Photo, You Idiot!

Bad photo

Confession time. My wife took the photos I posted yesterday. There was another photo taken of our new chairs, this one, and as we used to say when we were kids, two guesses as to who took it and the first one doesn’t count., A photograph is supposed to tell a story, and this does alright. It says the photographer was a total blithering idiot. (That would be me if you haven’t already guessed.)

I must start out in defense of my wife. First, I told her to stand there while I took the photo so the fact the sunlight is obliterating much of the detail in the photo is entirely my fault.. Second, I didn’t tell her I was taking the photo so the blurring of her hand is entirely my fault. Third she has a billion dollar smile and I didn’t include her face, even if it would have been blurred out as I always blur faces, and that is again entirely my fault. Third, it was her legs and feet that first attracted me to her, I know, not how most guys think, but believe me, she was and still is the whole package. The huge appearing Keens on her feet are entirely my fault for the way I took the photo. And finally. while maybe she doesn’t tan up like those females of southern Mediterranean or Brazilian heritage, she ain’t in no way a Snow White, which is the way the the photo I took makes her out to be.

Then comes the fact you can’t even see the makings on our driveway at the bottom of the photo which is compounded by the shine on the bag containing our new chairs. And the fact the bright light makes the driveway look really dull doesn’t help a bit either.

The good thing about being as old as I am, I don’t care what people think of me and I ain’t afraid to to admit that I am a total idiot at times. I’ll end by saying I’s Just letting any young peoples who might be reading this ambling rambling no that someday yous’ll to will be an old idiot.


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