Tea Time

My wife is a life long coffee drinker, while I prefer a wide variety of loose leaf teas. My usual method of brewing those delectable young leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis is to weigh the tea out and steep them with a Chatsford mug infuser basket. The image below shows one sitting on the lid that comes with it.

In a few days we will be be “boondocking” which is camping without any hookups, i.e. no external electric, water or sewer. Or put another way, we will be relying only on the capacity of of our fresh water and waste water tanks. By using tea bags instead of the infuser I can save the water I would normally use to rinse out the leaves in the infuser. But not one of the many brands and types tea in bags one can buy in the grocery store. Instead I fill my own bags with teas of my choosing. Not as good as using the infuser, but vastly better than any prefilled tea bag I’ve ever tried.


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