Game Day

Ticket to Ride board games, there are a number of variations, are very popular. Since we live in a very small RV (Caravan), one of the holiday gifts we received was a like sized version called Ticket to Ride London. Designed for two to four players, it is fast moving and fun to play with a seasoning of both elation and angst depending on the double decker bus route(s) you are trying to complete. Having traveled to London many times it brought back fond memories.

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  1. Is the dapper looking fellow on the right supposed to be Patrick Macnee / “John Steed”? If so, I very much approve of this variation of the board game! Although the original “The Avengers” series went off air about 15 years before I was born, thanks to the miracle of VHS (and later DVD), it has been my single favourite TV series my entire life. Anything that “tips its hat” to the series always brings a smile to my face.


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